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Nor East Mapping, Inc. provides quality photogrammetry services, including aerial photography, digital orthophotography, topographic and planimetric mapping, to private and governmental agencies. As an employee owned company, we take great pride in our professional reputation. Since we operate on very little overhead, we can offer clients very competitive prices and quick turnaround times.

Nor East Mapping does not compete professionally with clients for engineering or surveying projects.
We provide only photogrammetric mapping and related services.
We enjoy working with our clients, not against them.

We check all final products twice for content and accuracy.
To ensure consistent quality, all of our products have been prepared under the supervision of an ASPRS Certified Photogrammetrist with over 35 years of experience in the mapping industry. We take extreme care to fly all aerial photography at an appropriate altitude. Since the height and scale of the photography is an important foundation in determining which features will be easily distinguished during map compilation, all aerial photography is flown at a scale that meets National Map Accuracy Standards .

We believe that a timely completion date is an essential component of doing a good job.
We know that your deadline is very important and make every effort possible to deliver your products by the date required or preferably earlier.

We Compile and Edit All of Your Mapping Projects Inside the United States.
Unlike some of our competitors, we do not ship jobs outside the country.

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